The fastest way to filling your calendar without spending money on ads.

Remind + Reactivate + Resell


Remind + Reactivate + Resell

Engage your past customers with proven campaigns that will bring them back to you again and again. We’ll manage the whole system for you through our innovative marketing automation platform so all you need to do is go make the sale!


Remind + Reactivate + Resell

Engage past customers.

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profitability by 75%!

Proven campaigns.

Our proven campaign strategies will remind, reactivate, and resell - and you'll profit.

Sell more!

On average, repeat customers are worth 10X as much!

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How It Happens


Konnectex will load your past customer list into our Hub

  • We only need their name and mobile phone number


Drip highly proven campaigns to re-engage and re-establish communication

  • Only a small portions of your list will be sent a highly proven campaign at a time, that way your calendar and you don’t get overwhelmed with too many appointments all at once



Then send them through the process to book an appointment

  • If we get a positive response from your customer, we will go through the process of booking the appointment on your calendar

Our goal, here at Konnectex, is to make sure that our local businesses in the Sacramento Valley have the tools necessary to make their marketing as effective and efficient as possible, so they aren’t wasting money on more and more leads when they usually have plenty right in front of them to work with.

We help them utilize technology to streamline processes to make life easier so they can focus on making the sale and providing awesome customer service.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your business grow.

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Apply now, if you qualify, we can get appointments booked on your calendar within 48 hours!

our loving customers


I am a new business in the area that started off with very little exposure so I had to rely on good advertisement to be found. Brenda at Konnectex helped me which brought MANY new customers in for the first time. I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone who’s looking to advance their business exposure! Brenda is super knowledgeable & very affordable!!!

Amber C.

Business Owner in Fair Oaks, CA

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Apply now, if you qualify, we can get appointments booked on your calendar within 48 hours!


Some see book appointments as soon as 24-48 hours. This does depend on the quality of your list

We have seen successful reactivation campaigns with as little as 200, but find best results with a list of 1,000 or more.

We need a list of your past customers' name and mobile numbers sent to us in a CSV file. We will then clean and format the list.

Your list is safe with us. We load your list in our secure and encripted software. We do not sell or use your list for anything other than the marketing per our agreement. If you decide to not work with our company any longer, we will delete all of your info including your list after a 60 day grace period, in case you change your mind.

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  • Text Enabled Prefered For SMS Communications