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Communication is the key to success. Build trust by staying responsive from the moment of request to grow your revenue, your business, and gain more positive reviews – and that’s exactly why Konnectex was established.

Keep Connected With Every Lead With Konnectex

Engage Immediately

Lead System Integrations

It is all about the Speed to the Lead! Konnectex’s integration capabilities with lead systems will automatically text and call your leads.

80% of leads will respond to the first business that contacts them. Plus, you have a 900% higher chance of setting an appointment if you respond to a lead within 5 minutes vs. 10 minutes or an hour… we will make you look like a rockstar by responding in less than 15 seconds. 

  • Trigger automations from keywords, text messages, forms & phone calls
  • Automations automatically stop when someone responds
  • Easily add automations to existing contacts

Two-Way Text Messaging

Instantly Send Texts To Leads

As soon as a lead is submitted a text message will be sent within 15 seconds with our system… starting the conversation with the lead before your competition does!
You’ll have A simple and easy-to-use dashboard to send, receive and manage conversations on the go.
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Tag contacts to segment your lists

Instant Callback

Increase Conversions & Turn Leads Into Sales!

Maximize your marketing spend by engaging with your visitors at the ideal time. Our system seamlessly connects your leads to your sales team in 15 seconds.

  • Increase conversion rates by being the first to contact the lead
  • Record conversations to improve customer service
  • Generate more sales with your efforts

Missed Call Text Back

Instantly Send Texts To Those Missed Calls

As soon as a Call That Comes In Is Not Answered a text message will be sent within 15 seconds with our system… starting the conversation with the Caller So They Don’t Feel Ignored!
Follow-Up Texts or Voicemail Drops Can Be Automated As Well So You Never Miss Another Opportunity.
We all know that sometimes we just can’t get to the phone and make those call backs. With The missed call text back automation it becomes effortless. 

Conversations That Convert

Boost Sales By Keeping Connected With Your Leads Through Text Messaging Chat!

The Next-generation solution for Your leads… capture and convert leads by Capturing their Contact Information.

  • Keep the conversation going after your Intial Contact so you can follow-up easily
  • Includes Auto-replies for outside of Your business hours

SMS Broadcasting

Mass Text Messaging

Easily send bulk text messages or alerts to everyone or segments of your contact list at the same time.

  • Personalize your text messages with merge fields
  • Schedule your broadcast to go out at a later date and time
  • See how your text message blast performed with our stats

We Have All The Features You Will Ever Need

Connect with your leads when they are most likely to make a purchase. Get your leads on the phone or texting your sales team within 15 seconds of submitting their needs. Increase conversion rates while streamlining the sales process for your customers and your team.

Two-Way Texting

A simple dashboard & mobile app to send, receive and manage text message conversations on the go.

Text Auto-Reply

When a text message is requested our system will automatically send a welcome message.

24/7 Call Scheduling

Manage calls based on business hours and enable call scheduling during off-hours.

SMS Automations

Easily create smart response automation based on what customers text.

Auto Call Retry

If your business does not answer, the system will automatically retry the call.

Missed Call Text Back

Never miss an opportunity even though you missed the call. This automation will save the day!

Instant Call Back

Engage your website visitors with an instant call back within 15 seconds of submitting a request.

Business Caller ID

Set the caller ID to the business and the calls to the visitor will come from the business’s main phone line.

Text From Anywhere With Our Mobile App

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