Why Pinterest marketing should be on your radar in 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear about social media marketing? It’s likely Facebook and Instagram as they’re two of the most valuable online marketing platforms available today. Digital marketers also run campaigns on Twitter, Google, YouTube, and now even TikTok. Yet there’s one platform that flies under the radar even though it has incredible value to offer…

What Are Reactivation Campaigns... and Why You MUST Do Them?

As you plan the marketing strategy for the rest of the year, don’t forget to include a reactivation campaign in the mix. Reactivation campaigns are a must for businesses of every size and industry, and for good reason: they can result in big, fast jumps in revenue and profitability!

Here’s what you need to know: …

7 Ways to Capture More Leads Without Spending More on Ads

We’ve all heard the expression ‘the money is on the list. We’ve all heard it because it’s true!

Growing your list of prospects and customers is one of the most important investments you can make, and businesses should always be on the hunt for ways to capture more leads.

But you don’t necessarily have the budget to spend more money on ads, right? …

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