Email Marketing

Launch an effective email marketing campaign and boost your sales. Remind old clients about your business and attract new ones with targeted emails.

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Insane Email Marketing

  • Get your businesses into buyers’ email boxes with a 150M opt-in list with 700+ targeting parameters. The program includes over 200 case studies of laser-targeted campaigns from 60 industries!

Marketing Products

The key is to send the right offer to the right people – i.e. TARGETING.

In fact, those that use highly target segmentation see 760% better results!

For example, if you’re a car dealership promoting a new SUV, you’d probably want to target – ‘’people who are 35+yo with 2+ kids and own an SUV during 2008-2012, and make 70K+ and live in a 3-5 miles radius around your dealership”.

But who can do that targeting?

With our team, you can access 150M opt-in emails with 700+ targeting parameters to run any kind of campaign targeting you can imagine.

  • Go after people with certain mortgage size and type
  • People who own a specific car model
  • People who are interested in a specific hobby
  • Or suffer from a specific illness
  • In market buyers or intenders
  • With a specific Household income

And hundreds of more targeting options!

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