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What is MERP?

MERP is our Missed Estimate Recovery Program.

Let me ask you…

Do you close 100% of the estimates you quote? I’m guessing it’s safe to say… no.

This is where MERP comes in to save the day!


MERP is SUPER but here’s how it works and why it works so well to recover lost estimates.

These prospects have already heard your sales presentation and for some reason just haven’t moved forward with your company yet.


We typically will see about a 10-15% response rate from the text messages sent out to them!


Our proven campaign strategies will help you recover interest instead of letting them go stale - and you'll profit!

Sell more!

On average, you should close 5-10% of the total list sent... all without any additional ad spend!

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How It Happens

Un-Closed Estimates

Konnectex will load your current open estimate list into our Hub


Drip highly proven campaigns to re-engage and re-establish communication


Then send the re-engaged homeowner through to you to wrap it all up and make the sale

Our goal, here at Konnectex, is to make sure that Home Service Businesses have the tools necessary to make their marketing as effective and efficient as possible so they aren’t wasting money on more and more leads when they usually have plenty right in front of them to work with.

We help them utilize technology to streamline processes to make life easier so they can focus on making the sale and providing awesome customer service.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your business grow.

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our loving customers


I am a new business in the area that started off with very little exposure so I had to rely on good advertisement to be found. Brenda at Konnectex helped me which brought MANY new customers in for the first time. I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone who’s looking to advance their business exposure! Brenda is super knowledgeable & very affordable!!!

Amber C.

Business Owner in Fair Oaks, CA

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